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How-to Whiten your teeth with Hydrogen Peroxide

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  • 2.Eat Detergent Foods
    A variety of firm, crisp foods have a natural cleaning effect on your teeth and gums. Apples (nature’s own toothbrush), raw carrots, celery and even popcorn can help whiten your teeth. If you will not brush your teeth right after you eat, detergent foods are a great follow up to a meal.

    Many people are self-conscious that their teeth are yellow or discolored. You can whiten your teeth and be proud of your teeth and your smile when you make a few simple changes in your diet and dental care.

  • Stained nails can be embarrassing and unsightly, but thankfully, there are some fairly simple treatments you can use to whiten your nails when they start looking a little discolored. Give one of these techniques a shot so that you can stop hiding your hands in pockets and gloves.

    I read once that American’s spend about $1.4 billion dollars a year on teeth whitening products. That is a lot of money! So I’ve come up with 5 ways to whiten your teeth at home.

  • If visiting the dentist or paying for an OTC kit don’t sound attractive (or are out of your budget right now), there are DIY ways to whiten your teeth. The mixtures I’ve seen involve mixing baking soda and hydrogen peroxide (a 2:3 proportion). However, you should be very cautious if attempting a DIY whitening job. Too much hydrogen peroxide and you could over-whiten your teeth or damage the enamel. For this reason, I might choose to forgo a completely DIY method for an whitening product.

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A trip to the dentist can whiten your teeth in the quickest time possible, thanks to the application of a high-concentration peroxide gel by your dentist or dental technician. Some in-office procedures involve follow-up appointments for patients with especially persistent stains, or they may involve follow-up with whitening trays for home use.