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Bob's Red Mill Organic Rye Berries 28 ozs

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  • Rye berries are a delicious alternative to rice and would make a nice, healthy grain salad for your office lunch. Altrnatively, Wiechmann likes to cook them slowly, continuously adding liquid, to make a risotto-type dish. A lot of times you will see whole rye berries added to bread, after being soaked, to add flavor and texture.

    Let's talk about rye. You're probably familiar with the flour -- it's what's in the bread behind your favorite deli's killer pastrami sandwich. But did you know that whole rye berries are delicious and nutty all by themselves? And yes, rye flour makes a nice hearty bread, but it also creates delicate, earthy pastas, pies, and cakes. The flavor of rye also pairs beautfully with autumnal spices and a wide variety of fall foods -- including apples, cabbage, and strong cheeses.

  • * Whole rye berries. Also called whole kernels or groats, they work well as a main-dish casserole or a side dish, and like many grains, they can be added to soups. Before cooking, they should be soaked in cold water overnight to shorten the cooking time.

    , pumpernickel differs from regular rye bread because while the former is made from the whole rye berry, the latter is made from the endosperm of the rye berry. Light rye is made with the "white rye flour ground from the center endosperm of the rye berry." Dark rye might be made the same way and then dyed to darker colors with the addition of the same ingredients that make American-style pumpernickel dark. It might also be made with more of "the outer endosperm, which contains more of the coloring pigments from the rye berry."

  • Now that we've got that covered, let's investigate how this devil's fart bread is actually made. is made with pumpernickel flour, which is made from whole rye berries that have been coarsely ground.

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If you follow this blog, you’re already familiar with some of my rye recipes: there’s the and then the that I make with fresh-milled rye flour. But I also often use the whole rye berries in various recipes.