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Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games - Wii U Standard Edition

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    I'm quite happy with this video, and I hope you guys like it too.

    I was unsure that #1 was possible. I had seen it done in a few videos, but I always though that hacks were used. But after trying forever, I finally did it! The trick is to get far enough to the side and to be high up while being far out, essentially evading the area considered by the game to be out of bounds.

    A lot of people have been asking whether or not the lap counts on #1. It does not if you continue past the point where you land. However, if you go backwards just past the triple boosters (the previous checkpoint) then finish the lap normally, it does count the lap. This is, however, quite useless and slower than just driving normally on the track. And besides, it uses at least 2 of your shrooms.

    ✰ Music: Mario Kart Double Dash!! & Wii - Rainbow Road Remix

    I apologize for the laggy sections on #14, 12, and 5. I believe it's a problem with my pinnacle studios, and I'm currently looking into getting Vegas. I hope it doesn't ruin the video for you guys!

    As always, no hacks or cheats of any kind (I did not TAS either) were used in this video. I have never hacked, and I never will.

    To watch all my MKWii Olympic videos in 1 playlist, click here:

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    More adventurous residents also played Wii Olympic Games in the skilled nursing neighborhood of Fountains, a full-service community for residents 62 and older located at 200 Trade Street in Tarboro.

  • Passengers visiting Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) can share in the excitement of the 2016 Rio Olympics by testing their athletic skills in the PHL 2016 Wii Olympics.

    The PHL Wii Olympics are presented as part of the Airport’s “Just Plane Fun” customer appreciation program. Through Labor Day, travelers can enjoy an entertaining mix of live musical performances, fun activities for people of all ages, beauty care demonstrations and makeovers, a book signing, food and beverage samplings and more.

  • The Wii Olympics is designed and structured to get everyone involved and to open your eyes, hearts and minds to new concepts and ideas as well as to a new arena of FUN…yes FUN…it is a guaranteed 4 hour activity filled with fun from the first whistle to the final prize giving.

Mario and Sonic: Olympic Games for Nintendo Wii | GameStop

With ten large format televisions and ten Nintendo Wii consoles we are able to cater for up to forty participants and offer 10 different sporting codes making up an incredible Wii Olympic event.