Avonmouth is Forever Fuels' largest wood pellet store

This shows the wood pellet store that Robert has connected the pipe to for the first delivery of pellets to Hopton Hall

Smokehouse Products 9770-020-0000 5-Pound Bag All Natural Apple Flavored Wood Pellets, Bulk

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  • The GEOflex is the perfect solution for tricky spaces like attics and cellars or rooms with round arches. The adjustable height and variety of dimensions makes it a great choice where other wood pellet stores won’t fit.

    The GEOtank underground wood pellet store is supplied ready for connection and comes in sizes that will hold up to 4 or 6 tonnes. Designed specifically to be buried underground – the GEOtank is made from reinforced plastic and engineered for durability and resilience. Forming an impenetrable barrier to keep the damp out, GEOtank will keep your wood pellets dry and free from contaminants to ensure optimum performance when burned by a Treco biomass boiler.

  • The Grant Wood Pellet Store range is designed and manufactured in house and available in sizes from 500kg to 6 tonnes and in three footprints – 1m x 1m, 1m x 2m and 2m x 2m. All stores have an easy access maintenance door for cleaning, galvanized steel construction and are suitable for internal or external installation. The 500kg and 750kg models come ready assembled and are available in a powder coated finish. The 1.5 – 6 tonne sizes are supplied flat packed with quick seal joints for on-site construction.

    Avonmouth is Forever Fuels' largest wood pellet store. In a shed on the docks ,we have roughly two-thirds of the downstairs floorspace for storing bulk wood pellets, and space upstairs for holding stock of pallets of bagged wood pellets.

    Wood Pellet Store

     The PM380 is on display in our showroom

    PM 380 (with 250 kg capacity)      € 552.00 inc vat

    PM 800  (with 520 kg capacity)     € 734.00 inc vat

    Optional Extra
    Auger extraction fitting     € 150.00 inc vat


    A 2 piece rotationally moulded wood pellet storage tank for internal and external use.

    The Pelletmaster is the perfect solution for storing loose pellets for your stove or boiler, if you don't have the space for the 4te bulk stores. 


    PM 380

    Capacity   :   250kgs
    Weight   :   34kgs (when empty)
    Height   :   1100mm  (3ft 7in)
    Width   :   1450mm  4ft 9in) 
    Depth   :   730mm  (2ft 5in)



    PM 800

    Capacity   :   520kgs
    Weight   :   56kgs (when empty)
    Height   :   1550mm  (5ft 1in)
    Width   :   1450mm  (4ft 9in)
    Depth   :   730mm  (2ft 5in)



    Supplied as standard with a manual access sliding door.

    Option of auger extraction fitting instead of manual slide.

    Lightweight construction, easy to handle.

    Quick installation - no on site assembly required.

    Access hatch for cleaning and inspection.

    Funnel shaped bottom for easy pellet extraction.

    Maintenance free, will not rust.

    100% recyclable.

    UV stabilised for protection against sunlight.


  • A biomass boiler is a great alternative to fossil fuel when it comes to reducing annual fuel bills. Now Grant UK has made it even easier to store the fuel used by its Spira condensing biomass boilers and reduce fuel costs even further by introducing the Grant Wood Pellet Store.

V-Mac Wood Pellet Store and Delivery System

A smooth sloping angled surface is usually built at the base of a wood pellet fuel store. This is usually constructed in a V shape so that the fuel drops into the auger which is located centrally and which delivers fuel into the boiler. Treco usually build the “V” shape from tanalised plywood, which is fast and cost effective to construct and with each side of the V at a 35o angle. Some other considerations related to construction are shown on the labelled diagram above.