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Ugreen 3.5mm Audio Stereo Y Splitter Cable 3.5mm Male to 2 Port 3.5mm Female for Earphone and Headset Splitter Adapter, Compatible for iPhone, Samsung, LG Smartphones, Tablets, MP3 players, Metal Housing, Black

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  • Bought these for my boyfriend for his birthday because he had been wanting a pair of headphones because he was sick of the ear buds he had that kept popping out every time he moved. Did a little bit of research and found that these were a great quality headphone that is also reasonably priced. These did NOT disappoint!! He loves them. I tried them out myself because I thought he was just saying that but these are AWESOME! I heard parts of a song I had never heard before through regular speakers. Definitely recommend!!

    You get style and function when you wear Beats by Dr. Dre Beats Solo HD On-Ear Headphones. These ultralight headphones use advanced driver technology and design that Beat by Dre products are renowned for. Every set of headphones is coated with titanium to ensure sound is preserved and accurately reproduced without added weight of the product. Beats by Dre headphones, assorted colors, have high definition sound for hearing highs and lows whether you are listening to music or taking a call. These headphones are on-ear and feature in-line mic and call controls for easy access to switch to your phone. The ear cups, cord and headband are all the same color for a sleek look. There is a clear coat finish on the piece that gives a matte finish to these Dr. Dre headphones. All of the Dr. Dre headphones are made with durable and flexible materials that are reinforced with metal stripping to ensure quality.

  • The Etymotic MC5 packaging is easy to open (you won't need a jackhammer to pry the clam-shell box apart!) and includes 4 different proprietary Etymotic eartip types & sizes; remember to try them all for the best personalized fit and sound quality. Also provided is a nifty travel/storage pouch, an extra set of user-replaceable earpiece filters plus the Etymotic dedicated filter removal tool. An extremely efficient 16 Ohm impedance rating means the MC5 do not require a headphone amp for maximum audio performance direct from your portable player or computer of choice. As a very cool extra, optional custom audiologist in-ear molds for the MC5 are available via Etymotic. This way you can get a fully custom headphone while still using the stock MC5 earphones.

    In terms of ergonomics and fit, nothing has changed between the two models. The wearing comfort of the HD800S remains a strong salient feature and folks of all sizes and head shapes can easily wear this headphone and use it for extended periods without suffering from neck fatigue. The proprietary extra-soft microfabric earpads are comfortable and are typically less warm on the ears than the usual leather pads. The HD800S package includes two individual 9.5ft cords, one with a standard ¼” stereo plug termination, the other a high-end balanced cord for use with XLR-output balanced-drive headphone amplifiers. As before, the HD800S low sensitivity, high 300 Ohm impedance, and open-back earcup construction renders this can unsuitable for most portable applications. So there’s still no question that iPhone and computer-based listeners should invest in a quality headphone amp for maximized audio performance. The full 2-year Sennheiser manufacturer’s "free repair or replace" warranty is included with your HeadRoom 'authorized dealer' purchase.

    Sharing you favorite melody with your friends and lover, with this mini splitter adapter, sharing is simple :
    Just plug this adapter into your headphone socket and you and a friend can plug in headphones and listen to all those tunes you've got stored on your iPod / CD / MP3 players.

    Specifications :

    ¿ One 3.5 mm stereo male plug to two 3.5 mm stereo female jack adapter.
    ¿ Simple and easy to install.
    ¿ Connect 2 headsets or speakers to one jack.
    ¿ Ideal for connecting two mini stereo speakers to your iPod/CD/MP3 players.
    ¿ Nickel plated contacts resist corrosion and maximize signal integrity.
    ¿ Ideal for sound cards or headphones.
    ¿ Color: Black finished

    These adapters can be cascaded to split 1 input to 3 output by using 2 adapters, 1 input 2 to 4 outputs using 3 adapters etc.

  • Fortunately, all of the really good things heard in the original HD800 basically remain intact in the HD800S. The massive 56mm dynamic transducers deliver deep imaging and a spatiality that is still second to none and its nearly microscopic level of analytic detail resolution also remains wonderfully unaffected. The HD800S widescreen soundstage spreads out before your ears as deep and dimensional as always with a world-class transient quickness and clear dynamic grasp that’s hard to beat by any other headphone. In our opinion, the prudent bass tweaks of the Sennheiser HD800S do present a deeper color in the low-end and this improved level of tonal balance makes it a more engaging and musical headphone to enjoy your listening than the slightly colder, more clinical sound of the original HD800.

XX.Y Headphones - Stereohörer mit integriertem MP3-Player

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