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  • You can make your own yohimbe tea if you own a spice grinder. The yohimbe bark should be ground up well. Take one pint of water and heat. Boil 5 to 6 teaspoons of the bark in the water for approximately 10 minutes. Strain the tea with a tea strainer, and add 500 mg of vitamin C. The tea is more soluble when vitamin C is added to it. Some people find the taste of the tea difficult to get used to. If you find it hard to drink, you may add some cinnamon and honey to make it taste better. However, some people can drink it as is. You should experience some sort of reaction within about a half an hour of drinking the tea.

    If you think yohimbe tea is something that would be beneficial for you, you can shop online for tea from a variety of manufacturers. The herb is also known as johimbe, so you may find teas by that name rather than yohimbe. You can also shop for the tea in a local health food store. You can buy the tea already in tea bags or loose. Follow the manufacturer's instructions on the product label for brewing your tea.

  • Another of the yohimbe tea benefits that some people may find helpful is that it can improve the health of the heart in some cases. Yohimbe has the ability to lower blood pressure. It can also dilate blood vessels. However, anyone who has a history of heart problems should never use any form of yohimbe before discussing it with their cardiologist. If your heart is in a weakened state, you must be especially careful of taking yohimbe, and it should only be used under the strict supervision of a doctor.

    Most people aren't aware of the history of yohimbe tea. For hundreds of years, yohimbe bark was used in African countries as a cough suppressant and to reduce fever. It's also been used topically as an anesthetic. Today, the most common use of yohimbe is in prescription strength male enhancement products. The chemical which is found in the bark is known as yohimbine, and this is what is extracted and sold as a prescription drug. However, yohimbe extract and yohimbe bark are sold over the counter and may be purchased online or in health food stores.

  • Although I've used it other ways, I'd only recomend 2. Brewing a tea, and swallowing the etract pills. The tea is a little less speedy, and more pleasing, even soothing. When drinking yohimbe tea as a pick me up, like coffee, I infuse a tablespoon full powdered into a cup of water, it's not so nasty that way, not too strong but it will HELP me rise to the occasion if I need to but shouldn't make me too horny. I've also used my coffee maker to make it, I fill the filter and get a few pots full before I need to refill (to make it stronger I pour the finished pot where I fill the water and run it through again). Stronger tea is good if I want to get a little sped up, or depending on how much I drink, spun off my ass and horny as hell.

Yohimbine is a fat burning compound

Erectile dysfunction is one of the yohimbe tea benefits when used as a pharmaceutical drug. Yohimbe has been found to stimulate blood flow and releases non-adrenaline. You'll find that the chemical in yohimbe can be beneficial to you if you make your own herbal tea using approximately 6 teaspoons of yohimbe bark and steep it for around 10 minutes to get the full effect of the herb. It's often recommended that you either take a Vitamin C supplement prior to drinking the tea or adding Vitamin C to the tea before you drink it. Vitamin C and increase the effects of the herb but will also alleviate any unpleasant side effects that may occur. One brand of the tea known as is recommended.