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Godzilla Razor Bite Action Figure with Power Lunge & Bite Strike!

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    Coming soon to retailers! Towards the end of this week, we’ll be sending a shipment of old school goodness to stores across the nation. Get ready for the 8-bit Godzilla action figure plus a new clothed action figure – Eddie from the cover of Iron Maiden’s Piece of Mind album! Check out the images (including […]

  • After the release of 1998's abysmal , collectors couldn't wait for Trendmasters flood of movie figures to disappear from shelves (though their "classic" stuff was cool). With 2014's far superior , fans can't get enough of the "King of Monsters". The toys released so far from JAKKS and Bandai have been fun for the kids, but it's taken NECA to knock it out of the park for adult collectors. NECA's 6" Godzilla action figure is just what the serious 'Zilla fan ordered... that is until their 12" Godzilla figure comes out.

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  • Godzilla Classic 2001 Movie 12-Inch Head-to-Tail Action Figure
    NECA Godzilla Action Figures
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    Coming in September 2016
    Pre-Order now and we'll deliver in September 2016 (estimated date / subject to change).
    Item Number: NC42878
    Price: $18.99
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1998 Trendmasters Godzilla Zilla Action Figure. Toy. Toho Co.