ZTE Majesty Z796C Skin Protector Features:

The ZTE Majesty's screen is 4.5 inches with 480 x 854 pixels resolution.

ZTE Majesty

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  • I have bought this phone zte majesty 3times this week. my phone battery would go from 35% to 0% in less than 15-20mins... I am not sure what is going on...??? Its fully charged. I am hearing the mi-power app that comes with the phone has major glitches and making the phone die quicker.. I have tried to unistall the app but it wont let me disable it. I can only force stop and even when i push force stop it still is running.. straight talk does not want to help me they just want to keep sending me a new phone and its getting irritating... What can I do to change this problem?? :"( Is there something I need to download to make it stop dying so fast

    This case for ZTE Majesty is made of two layers of a hard plastic and soft silcione material. This ZTE Majesty case also has a stand! So you could watch your favorite videos hands free!

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    This double layer case is made from two layers of a hard and soft material. This ZTE Majesty Z796C case also has a stand, so you could watch your favorite videos and movies hands free.

    OEM Travel Wall Charger Power Adapter USB Cable for ZTE Majesty

  • OEM Travel Wall Charger Power Adapter USB Cable for ZTE Majesty

    While the ZTE brand is not super well known for cell phones, they are starting to make a name for themselves slowly and surely. The ZTE Majesty is a compact device (5.3 x 2.6 x 0.4) and weighs 5.3 ounces with an impressive battery life (standby time Up to 15 days and Talk time Up to 7.8 hours) so you will be pleased with its performance. We do not know much yet about the Majesty other than it is also known as the ZTE Z796C and likely urns using Verizon cell phone towers.

Yay! You're now following zte majesty in your .

If the audio jack still doesn't give off any sound when you plug something to it, the cause of an audio output problem on your ZTE Majesty is a broken audio jack. Ebay sells the required .