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Zumba Exhilarate Body Shaping System DVD Set

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  • Zumba is a Latin-dance inspired workout program. Zumba Fitness offers a “Total Body Transformation” DVD set, which includes four DVDs and six workouts, along with Zumba toning sticks -- which are basically light hand weights. The package includes an intro DVD that breaks down moves, plus a live class, cardio party, 20-minute express workout, and a sculpt and tone DVD.

    There is also a 2004 Zumba DVD set, which is still a top seller on Amazon. The older release is a four-disc set including beginner, intermediate, advanced and abs/butt/thighs. There are no toning sticks in this DVD. This set is better suited to beginners than to serious Zumbaholics.

    Although Zumba classes may draw an estimated 6 million people a week to the gym, the DVDs can’t quite capture the energy of a live class.

    However, when it comes to buying DVDs, Jazzercise is considerably cheaper at just $16.99 for a DVD, compared with $89.95 for a set of Zumba DVDs (while the per DVD is cheaper with the Zumba DVD set, generally the workouts on the Zumba DVDs ...

  • Who wins this one? Because prices vary so widely according to location and facility, it’s a tie when it comes to classes! However, when it comes to buying workout DVDs, Jazzercise is considerably cheaper at just , compared with $89.95 for a (while the price per DVD is cheaper with the Zumba DVD set, generally the workouts on the Zumba DVDs are shorter, thereby giving you less workout time for your money).

    The most comprehensive Zumba DVD out now is . This is the newest Zumba DVD set and comes JAM PACKED full of goodies including 7 DVD’s that are packed with easy to follow Zumba dances ranging from beginner to advanced and also an option to just listen to the music, or music + verbal tips from the instructor. The set also comes with Zumba toning sticks.

  • "I was traveling to NYC with a Zumba employee discussing her fitness routine and how she craved a workout that would transform her legs. I realized that if we added a step to the Zumba workout, we could provide incredibly targeted results, including toned legs," said Alberto Perlman, CEO and co-founder of Zumba Fitness. "Then we took it up a notch by adding high-intensity interval bursts and an extreme core routine to deliver the coolest and most effective, total-body workout to ever be available on a Zumba DVD set."

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