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Zune Premium Earphones (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

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  • A Microsoft Zune premium headset has all those virtues and more, that’s for sure. But we know the real reason you want one (or two, or three) of your own: You want to run these ear buds to the iPod you keep in your pocket so all the cool kids will think you’ve got a Zune in there. Poseur!

    Best pair of headphones for my Zune 120 and Zune HD. I love them. Bought my sister a new Zune HD and she loves it but hates the stupid earbuds that came with it. I'm having a heck of a time finding the really nice Zune Premium Headphones (V2) anywhere these days. I shouldn've bought two more pairs a year or two ago when they were handy and cheap. Now they're way expensive and hard to find!

  • We know how you people are. A lot of you are going to buy these Microsoft Zune premium headsets to listen to music on other, lesser, non-Zune music players. And that’s cool. Maybe you like the idea of having four sets of in-ear inserts so you’ll be sure to get a comfortable fit. Maybe you appreciate the way the magnetic buds clip together so they’re less likely to get all tangled in storage. Maybe you dig the soft fabric cables, which resist kinking.

    I ordered one set of Zune Premium Headphones (V2) via ebay from a seller in the L.A. area who advertised as having many NEW ones, complete kits. When I got it, it was USED and damaged: the cord wasn't wrapped neatly and tied together with the customary little wrap tape, earphones were dusty, the cord was dusty, the plug casing was split, the cord going into the plug permanently bent, dirt in the cord plug, and the cord itself had two small loops that were out of the nylon sheathing and stuck as loops, plus the box was already worn and opened and the soft carrying pouch was all worn. The ONLY thing that was "new" was the little bag of mushroom ear tips! I complained to the seller. Astonishingly, they turned around and accused me of trying to rip them off saying "all of our stuff is new and we sent you a new one. We've had 113 of these sold without any complaints." Fortunately, I was able to file a complaint with the ebay Resolution team and they found in my favor and issued a refund. Sadly, these guys are the only ones-on ebay and Amazon-who are offering the phones for anything less than $30 and I refuse to do business with them anymore.

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    I looked EVERYWHERE for these things when I first bought my Zune and couldn't find them anywhere except eBay, and even then, as you said, no figures on the product. I still to this day haven't seen them in person. I wound up buying a pair of Shure E2C earbuds... They're a little pricey and don't have the greatest bass response, but the sound quality is immaculate.


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    DescriptionEnjoy a premium listening experience with the powerful Zune Premium v2 in-ear earphones that delivers an immersive audio experience. Integrating a noise-isolating design, these Zune Premium earphones filter all external sounds to give you clean and clear audio. Equipped with four sets of in-ear inserts, these Zune Premium earphones provide a comfortable fit to all users. Moreover, the soft fabric cable design of these in-ear earphones prevents the wire form tangling. What’s more, the magnetic soft buds supplied with the Zune Premium v2 earphones help you clip the wires together, while the headphone clip allows you to safely store it away in its special pouch.

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    The Zune Premium Headphones feature a noise-isolating design to drown out everything but your media collection. Superior sound quality and bass are welcome upgrades for music lovers seeking a premium listening experience.

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Just a heads-up to anyone out there looking to buy a Zune: Order it from CompUSA's website and they'll basically throw in a pair of Zune Premium Earphones for free. I've been tempted to buy these earphones since I bought my Zune because I'm not that happy with my current set (some JVC noise-reducing buds I bought when I got fed up with Sony). Too bad they weren't offering this last November!