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Magnavox ZV450MW8 DVD Recorder and VCR Combo with Digital Tuner [Electronics]

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  • The first photo shows the home office stack; from the top a Sony DVD Player, a Philips 3576, a Magnavox 2160, a Panasonic EZ28 and EZ17. Through a Radio Shack RF A/B switch (seen at the lower right corner of the photo) the EZ17 may also be connected to the Comcast coax cable feed. The second photo shows the home office switch boxes (please disregard the labels). The third photo shows the bedroom stack; from the top two Panasonic EZ17 models, a Magnavox 2080 and a Philips 3575 (with the Comcast Motorola DTC700 and a portion of the Pace DC50X seen at the right). In the fourth photo notice that I've fitted the Motorola DCT700 with composite "Y" cables that provide separate feeds to the two Panasonic DMR-EZ17 models. The DCT700 RF output feeds the Philips 3575. (The 3575 RF output feeds the Magnavox 2160 in my home office.) The Pace DC50X RF output feeds a third (unseen) DMR-EZ17 that, in turn feeds an (unseen) analog TV. The fifth photo shows a Magnavox ZV450MW8A connected to the Comcast coax feed and a Zenith DTT901 CECB is connected to a Magnavox composite input. The five TVs, one Panasonic EZ17 recorder and another Sony DVD Player are not shown.

    The photos show DVD Drives found in a July 2007 Magnavox H2080MW8 and an August 2008 Magnavox ZV450MW8A. With the ZV450 it was necessary to tip up the CBA to photograph the DVD Drive indicia.

  • The first photo is an overview of the VHS mechanism in an Emerson EWD2204. The second photo is a view of the VHS head drum, fixed heads and pinch roller in a Magnavox ZV450MW8A. The third photo is a closer view of the head drum with two of the video heads in view along the lower edge of the spinning portion of the drum in the same recorder.

    The first photo is an above view of the VHS mechanism in an Emerson (Funai) EWD2204 VCR/DVD player manufactured in June 2004. The second photo is a view from the left of the VHS mechanism in a Sylvania (Funai) ZV450SL8 combo recorder manufactured in April 2007. The third photo shows a portion of the VHS mechanism in a Magnavox (Funai) ZV450MW8A combo recorder manufactured in August 2008. The fourth photo is a rear view of the VHS mechanism in a Panasonic DMR-ES35V combo recorder manufactured in February 2006. The fifth photo is an above view of the VHS mechanism in the same DMR-ES35V.

    Originally Posted by rufwork
    ...I just got a Magnavox ZV450MW8 from the local pawn shop for $18, but without remote. I've copied a VHS to DVD+R, but I can't figure out how to finalize without the remote.

    Threads & info on finalizing and this player here (just to show I have looked around a bit)... Manual...

    I know I need the "Disc Edit" menu, but I don't know if there's a way to get there using just the buttons on the front of the unit. Any help? Worst case: Any good (cheap) universal remote that'd do the trick? Harmony doesn't do it, nor does the cheapie RCA RCR312WV.

    It looks like there's no PC option...

    Remote online for $20 shipped...


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    My most recent use of the Magnavox ZV450MW8 combo recorder was as the videotape player connected to an input on my Philips 3576 HDD/DVD recorder. With that arrangement I transfered my daughter's circa 1988/1989 VHS camcorder recordings to the hard drive, edited the material and high-speed dubbed the material to DVDs.

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Yeah, the info I pulled up looked neat, but the remotes, when I checked prices, were $30 and up, and some required you solder onto the 7 pins. Neat if you've got one, but the numbers of folks with a JP1 and a Magnavox ZV450MW8 sans remote is probably a pretty small percentage.